Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wow, Glad Tuesday is over!

I am so glad that today is DONE!! I was incredibly busy today, PTA, dinner for us and for another family, work and just running the kiddos around. It is now 11:00 pm and I am exhausted! I hope that tommorrow is a little less busy, it should be, I only have my tap class.
I'm also hoping for something fun in the mail tommorrow...... I will post if it arrives.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh, How I love Sundays!!

Sunday is by far my favorite day! There isn't alot going on, Mike is into watching football, the kids enjoy playing together, leaving me to do whatever I please!! I am still in jammas and it is almost 2:00!! Oh, how I love Sundays!
Today I discovered Etsy and I love it... People are so CREATIVE!! I only hope that someday I will be half as creative as some of the people there! It has inspired me and I am going to be scrappin' for the rest of the day.
Hope you all have a fabulous afternoon!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A sad week

This has been a sad week at our house.... We had 5 kittens that a stray cat had in our garage, two were hit by a car this week and we tryed to rescue a 3rd only to have it die on our kitchen floor. Maddison is devestated, Mike and Maddi just buried the 3rd kitten and she has been crying ever since we found it on our kitchen floor. Mike has *PROMISED* her a new kitten but I am thinking more along the lines of a hermit crab or hamster, we just don't have good luck with kittens!
On a positive note- Our living room is coming along nicely, we have about 2/3 of it painted and we should finish painting it tomorrow. Hopefully, we can begin ripping out the carpet this weekend as well. I will post pictures as soon as we finish this project.