Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!! I hope all of you have had a blessed day and that you are all anxiously awaiting the new year! We had a great Christmas at our house, Mike's dad is here and will be here through Saturday, the kids were once again spoiled rotten and we had a wonderful dinner with my family. We are getting together with friends tomorrow for dinner and we are going to be going to Reno on Saturday to go have some fun with Mike's dad.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We need a HEAT WAVE!!

It has been so cold here, hasn't gotten above freezing for at least a week! Our washing machine is frozen because it is so cold, hopefully once it warms up again it will begin to work again. Perhaps a move to Mexico is in order, at least it is warm there!
The kiddos are home for the next two weeks- hopefully I don't go crazy while they are home. I actually enjoy having them home. Having them home means less running around for me, I can stay home and enjoy playing with them. I often feel like I am a taxi, running from school to school, home to dance, preschool to home, picking up friends and so on, you'd think that I drive a yellow vehicle!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am official!!

It's official, I am now a trustee on the Susanville School District Board of Directors! I was sworn in last night along with the other two new board members. I look forward to learning about the administrative aspects associated with running a school district.
Our house is becoming quite festive as we anxiously await the arrival of Mike's dad and Santa Claus. Our family went out last weekend to get a load of firewood and also to find the perfect tree, mission accomplished! Our tree is beautiful and the kids have had a ball decorating it with the millions of ornaments that we have. We are also begining our seasonal baking which Maddison is enjoying helping with. She loves helping to make anything in the kitchen, I am not allowed to bake without her by my side- she is mommy's helper! I hope all of you are well as you begin your family's holiday preparations.
Feliz Navidad,