Saturday, November 28, 2009


Wow, I can't believe that it is Christmas time already! We got our lights up today, actually I had nothing to do with it, Mike did the lights while I napped with Mitchell. I got some of my Christmas stuff out and I am slowly putting it up. I always enjoy this time of year but I equally enjoy it being over; every year I say that I am going to slow down and savor the holidays but every year that doesn't happen. What is it about this time of year that causes me to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off? I hope that this year I will be able to truly savor the holiday season, maybe by getting gifts wrapped sooner rather than later and by beginning my seasonal baking now I will be able to enjoy the holidays this year.
We went to Reno yesterday and braved the Black Friday crowds to find the perfect presents at bargain prices. We found presents at decent prices but I am not sure we got any true "Deals." We were able to ride the Ferris wheel at Scheel's and go to lunch, so all in all it was a productive day. The kids were so good and came home exhausted which was nice. Now I just need to wrap all of the gifts we bought and hopefully wrap them before Christmas Eve!

Love to all,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful for but I am not feeling thankful. I am feeling scared, scared that I don't know what to expect, scared that I don't know what to do and say. As a third time momma I feel awkward for the first time in my mothering career. I worry I am not doing things right, that I am not helping Mitchell to develop like he should be, I feel like I am not doing enough. As I type this I am scared, scared for what the future holds for not only Mitchell but for our family. I hurt for Mitchell and the challenges he will face and I pray that we (Mitchell and his family) have the strength to get through these challenges as a family. For the last couple of days I have really struggled with knowing that my child has Down's and that he is different from other children. To me he looks like any other child but I am always afraid that people can tell he's different. I am finding comfort in the fact that he is doing what both of my other children have done at this age, he is making eye contact with me, he is beginning to respond to his siblings, he is NURSING (so happy about this!!) and he is on the verge of smiling. I love him so much and I am sure that he will bless our lives in ways we never imagined!
I am thankful for this opportunity to get some of my feelings out and will reflect on what I am thankful for tomorrow.
Night Night,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A sad day

Today was a sad day. Chris Ritz, a local paramedic who flew on a life flight helicopter, was killed when his helicopter went down about 60 miles away from where we live. I knew him because he served on SSD school board with me. He also was also part of our local Boy Scout organization. He leaves behind a son, Kenton, who is in fourth grade this year. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed by our community.
When something like this happens, I am reminded at how short life on earth can be. I am also reminded to cherish each day I have with my children and family. I know that Chris cherished everyday he spent with his son. He glowed when Kenton was around, he was one proud dad!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Really MAD!!

I am so mad! I just got off the phone with the ENT who informed me that since Mitchell isn't showing up under our insurance yet, we have to pay for the entire visit up front! We can't afford to do that and he needs to be seen! I am so frustrated because I know that he is insured as of Nov. 1st, he just isn't showing up yet! I don't know what to do because we have to travel 80 miles to get to the closest city and we are going to get my MIL tomorrow so we planned the ENT visit on the same day. I don't know when we will be back to go to the ENT, maybe I'll just find a new one! I am going to SCREAM!! I had heard such good things about this ENT, he has an Audiologist in his office and is supposed to be great with little ones but I am now floored and not sure I'll go back! I am off to figure out what I am going to do!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wal Mart experience

Today we all went to Walmart so that the kids could begin to look and see what they want for Christmas. As Maddi and I were wandering around looking at toys we saw a young woman who had Down's. She looked at me and said "Hi" and I said "Hi" and I asked her how she was doing and she looked at me and said "Fine." Maddi looked up at me and said "Mom, I think she has Down's" I told her she was right and began to cry. Why, I am not sure. I think it was a mixture of being scared because this is our life now and also happiness as she could converse with me. I looked for a guardian or parent to perhaps talk with but I never saw the young woman again. It was like she was sent to just show me how normal things may be for us!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It has been a little while since I have updated my blog. I suppose that is a good thing as this is supposed to be my therapy, I guess I haven't needed therapy!

I am loving Mitchell, he is such a pleasant baby. He loves to be cuddled and doesn't seem to mind being passed around as long as he is being held. He has decided that he needs to sleep with mom and dad (or maybe we decided that!) Since I have let him sleep with us I am getting no sleep. I wake up everytime he wiggles or grunts, but I enjoy knowing that he is sleeping well.

We went to the cardiologist last friday and Mitchell's heart got a clean bill of health. I walked out of that office feeling like I was on cloud nine, I was so happy! He weighed 7lbs, 3 oz at that appointment which means that he is steadily gaining weight. This week we have met with the physical therapist and the speech and language specialist, the physical therapist gave us some excersizes to do with Mitchell and the speech and language specialist recommended that we start signing to him when he is awake. We have been getting so much information and so many suggestions and bits of advice, it's hard to remember everything and keep it all straight!

I finally have pictures to post of my little man, Mitchell Beck Green.