Monday, February 8, 2010

It's been a while

Everyday I have great intentions of updating my blog but life gets in the way! We have had so many things going on at our house this past month, power outages, strep throat and numerous doctors visits to name a few. After the cold Winter we have had I am looking forward to warm tempatures and flowers again, I can't wait for Winter to leave and Spring to rush in!
Today Mitchell had his 4 month checkup and is doing wonderfully! He is steadily gaining weight and he continues to meet many of his milestones. He is still having some difficultly with head control and he is not rolling over but he'll get there. He is smiling and jabbering up a storm, he responds to voices and loves looking at his surroundings.
Mitchell has become such a bright spot in our lives, it is hard to imagine life without him. I still have days when I feel sorry for myself but then he grins at me and reminds me that it's going to be alright. He has not only perfected his grin but now he GIGGLES!! I love his hearty little giggle, when he giggles so do I!
Lately I have become irratated with so many of our healthcare providers, I don't need to be told at every visit that we can expect our son to be delayed. I get it, there may be delays!! I don't need to be told repeatedly that my son is going to be delayed. I know that he will be able to everything, he's just going to do it all on "Mitchell time" which is fine with us. He is teaching us to slow down and take it all one day at a time.