Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My oldest is really growing up, maybe a little too fast. She has recently discovered that not everyone has the things that she has, she has found out that some moms don't love their children unconditionally and that many children live with grandparents or other relatives instead of with a mom and/or a dad. She has started to ask if I'm going to leave her, it breaks my heart that she thinks that I could. I really liked it when she thought that the world was so perfect, I hope that she knows that I try to make her world perfect.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My little blossom

It is Spring time here in N. California and lots of things are growing including one awesome little man, Mitchell! He is growing like a weed, not only is his weight increasing but also his abilities. He is sitting up with minimal help, starting to self feed, learning how to get into a crawling position and he is rolling all over the place. He is really funny and he knows he is, he cracks himself up and it is really funny. I have his giggle recorded on my phone and when he hears that he laughs even harder, he loves to blow raspberries and thinks it is hilarious when you blow them back at him. He is a funny little guy and definately the happiest baby of my bunch!