Thursday, July 15, 2010

A few pics of Mitchell

Mitchell is getting so big! He is now able to sit for long periods of time and play! Go Mitchell!

Mitchell and Merrick making scary faces for the camera.

Mitchell's aunt decided he needed his hair done and this was the end result.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We are going on VACATION!!

We are getting ready to head up to Washington in a few days and the kids are getting super excited! We are going to be in Seattle on Sunday where we will watch the Mariners take on the Yankees, I am so excited to see Derek Jeter!(HEHE) ;) We are going from Washington over to Idaho where we will spend time with my MIL, I know we will have a blast there as well. There is so much to do on this trip, when I start to think about it all my mind starts to spin... What happened to relaxing while on vacation? I guess that once children are in the picture a relaxing vacation goes by the wayside!! I think what I am worried about the most is all of the driving time and how trying to figure out how to occupy my 3 angels (though in the car they may be devils!) If any of you have any fun traveling ideas, let me know!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I need to vent!!

This has nothing to do with my children but rather a friend of my husband... My hubby has this friend that recently moved back into town and he calls our home constantly!! Not once or twice a day but on the hour for hours at a time! I am to the point where I see his number and I hit the silence button and once he hangs up I turn off the phone's ringer! I am going insane!!! He begins calling at percisely 2 in the afternoon when he knows hubby is on his way home (this happens to be NAPTIME!!) and continues to call, while leaving stupid messages, until hubby calls him back. We happened to be away from our home tonight and he proceeded to call three different times in three hours! His message sounded something like this "I thought answering machines were for people that aren't home.. I know your home but you're just not answering.. Answering machines were a stupid invention.." My hubby doesn't know how to proceed without offending him because he is easily offended but we have both HAD IT!!

On a bright note, Mitchell is doing well! He is rolling all over, sitting up on his own and he's begining to do the army crawl thing, and he talks! Jabbers, talks, it's all the same... point is that he is a noise maker. He is alot of fun. His brother and sister have started to really enjoy him because he interacts with them now and he thinks they are hilarious! He still doesn't have any teeth but I am assuming they are on there way because he chews while nursing... Can you say OUCH!! I have a feeling that once his first tooth comes in our nursing relationship will be over because he bites too hard! I am just thrilled that he has nursed for this long.

I have seen many posts recently about blood work testing the Thyroid and blood cell counts and I was wondering if these are tests that I should have done regularly or only if there is reason to be concerned? I know that the tests were done when he was born but they haven't been since, do they need to be done yearly?

Thanks for reading while I ramble on...