Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've been "Blinded By Love!"

I had the opportunity after Mitchell was born to visit with another DS momma on the phone. I remember her telling me that her son didn't look like he had Down's Syndrome, she told me that he had none of the physical features that distinguish our children. Not too long after this conversation, I had the chance to meet this momma and her beautiful little boy. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh my goodness, how can she not see his features, he definately looks like he's got Down's Syndrome!"
Fast forward to today- I look at Mitchell everyday and I don't see Down's Syndrome, I see nothing that distguishes him from other children his age, I see beautiful blue eyes, a gorgeous crooked smile, a sweet little nose and incredible red hair. I see a boy who is trying so hard to walk and is really quite a jabber mouth! I see him for what he is, an incredible addition to our family, a boy who has no limits to what he can accomplish. I guess this is what it feels like to be "Blinded by Love" I see no faults, only perfection. I look at pictures and I don't see it, I know it's there but my eyes won't allow me to see what the Doctors have told me are his imperfections. All I see is perfection!