Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Major Vent!

I got my first hurtful comment about DS tonight. I had gone to my neighbor's home to talk about an issue we've been having, we sat talking when she asked me what our plans are for the summer. I told that we have a few trips planned including San Antonio Tx for NDS conference. I then told her what a hard time we are having getting OT and PT services for Mitchell. She told me that she didn't think he should recieve these services because they cost the state too much money and that if we want services for him we should be paying for them ourselves "like parents used to do"! I tried to tell her how much these services would help him and she looked at me and said "You can't tell how much they'll help him, he's only a year and a half!" She is a school teacher and has recently had her hours cut, she told me that the state spends way too much money on children like Mitchell and not enough on regular ed. I was floored! I want my son to have the best education and learn as much as he's capable of, just like my other two children. I have the same expectations of all three of my children, Mitchell is just going to need some extra help to reach his potential. This woman has never been married or had children so I can't stand the fact that she stood there telling me what a burden my son was on the state.She has never walked even one foot in my shoes!! I just stood there and I am pretty sure that my lower jaw hit the floor because I was shocked, at a loss for words. My husband wanted to go over and speak his mind but didn't because he knew it would upset me. I would've spoke up but like I said, I was at a loss for words! I feel like she's blaming her lost hours directly on Michell, because of the services he's recieving, her hours were cut. She's crazy!!