Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NDSC Conference

This years conference was held in San Antonio Tx and we had the best time! It was an experience that I will never forget, the happiness, the love, the acceptance, it was amazing! We were all there with one common goal; to learn as much in 3 days as humanly possible. We all went to learn different things as there were seminars offered on everything from feeding issues to explaining sexuality to our children but we all walked away with the knowledge that our children are accepted, maybe not by all but the vast majority of people love and accept our children. I learned that having Down Syndrome doesn't define our children, it is part of who they are but they are so much more than Down Syndrome.
There were so many aspects of this conference that were life changing. There were the brief meetings in the elevator, hanging out in the pool and meeting other parents, sitting down at a table and talking for hours to a presenter. There were so many amazing experiences but walking down the halls was my favorite. It was in the hallways that I was able to talk to other parents, I was given many ideas and suggestions because they had just accomplished with their child what we are trying to accomplish with Mitch.
I was amazed by how many families were there that had adopted children with Down Syndrome, they choose this journey and by the end of the conference I could see why. I have never in my whole life been part of such a loving group of people, love just seemed to emanate from everyone. Maybe it was because we were there for the same reasons but I think it was because we have all been blessed by someone with Down Syndrome and love is just a by-product.
Going to NDSC Conference was a a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to doing it again!


Jenny said...

Sounds like an amazing experience :)

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that you went and that we were able to meet! Mitch is adorable!! I'm already looking forward to DC. My first convention was in Boston and I remember how neat it was to walk around and see so many families with kids w/Ds and to just not feel like an outsider!