Monday, September 26, 2011

He did his first sign!!

He signed "Thank You" for the first time today!! We were at the doctor's office (he's got Bronchitis)and as we were leaving I told Mitchell to sign thank you, I showed him the sign and he did it! It was such a proud mommy moment! The problem is that we have asked him all afternoon to repeat it and he's blown raspberries instead but he did it for the Dr. and that's all that matters! Mitchell has inspired me to prepare a lesson on sign language for the kids I work with after school. Not only is sign language a fun language to learn (you get to talk with your hands!!) it's also important for everyone to learn as it gives a voice to the voiceless.
I am finally done feeling sorry for myself when it comes to Mitchell's DS. I told Mike tonight that sometimes I wish all three of my kids had DS and he looked at me as though he thought I was crazy! Mitchell's ability to capture the hearts of those around him is amazing. I have never experienced love like Mitchell's before I had him, it's the warmest, deepest love I have ever felt. He has the ability to lift the spirits of those around him, he can change even the grumpiest moods. He's an amazing child who is full of happiness and love, he never gives up, he's what I want my other two children to become. Mitchell lives in the moment and is always smiling when my other two are so often wanting more and miserable. How do we teach our other children the traits that come so naturally in our children with DS? I want my other children to live in the moment and not worry about what tomorrow brings. I want them to love deeper and be kinder. I want them not to worry about what others think of them, to be happy with who they are. These are things that I wish came easily to my older two children. Maybe Mitchell came to show our family how to love a little more deeply, care a little more and to care what others think a little less. Maybe he was sent to us by God to teach us, perhaps the lessons to be learned aren't to be learned by him but our family as a whole.

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Jenny said...

Just beautiful to read!!! And awesome with the signing!! Russell will often learn signs or words and then stop doing it for a while then start up again. Way to go Mitchell!!